What we offer

Group or private training to improve strength, conditioning and mobility for EVERY BODY. With programs for kids up through our 55+ class, we offer a little something for everyone.

Adult Programs

Have the best hour of your day as you build your best self with our group training, private/semi-private training or our 55+ class. FitWit focuses on increasing strength, improving conditioning, and developing more mobility in a sustainable and supportive environment. Whether you’re an exercise newbie or an experienced athlete, our expert coaches ensure that you’ll have a home here. You will be known, and you will be cheered!

Youth Programs

We offer two separate group programs as well as private training. FitKids – classes to develop general fitness abilities and instill a lifelong love of movement. Youth Athletic Development – strength and movement program to improve athletic performance for Middle and High School athletes. 

Nutrition Coaching

An easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to help you create positive changes in your life.

See us in action

Great day on the water! Summer offers lots of chances to get outside and use your fitness! ...

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Hip Hikes - Great for the hips and the pelvis but I am also a huge fan of this for those with lower back issues specifically in that QL area. Think nice and slow. Reach your heal to the ground and then lift your pelvis as high as you can.
Aim for 5-8 reps for 1-2 sets.

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Dealing with low back pain or discomfort around your hips and butt?

Work these exercises into your warm up or as active recovery through out your day.

Start with 1-2 sets and increase as symptoms decrease.

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Mobility training comes in many forms.

Enter the 1/2 Kneeling Rotation Row - loading up rotation for our upper backs.

As we age our posture gets more on more fixed by our daily activities like sitting a desk or hunched over on our phones.

Exercises that target our upper backs can help us to maintain our range of motion. This can in turn decrease discomfort and increase performance with those upcoming spring activities like pickle ball or gardening.

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Sunny sixty and skipping.

As spring blooms around the corner so do our outdoor activities like running, tennis, and pickle ball.

Power based skills like skipping and sled marching are great to reenforce dynamic hip flexion and extension. While helping to build our bodies capacity to handle the intensity of impact.

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90/90 Hip Stretch (External and Internal rotation and flexion focus), and the difference between Mobility (active/usable range of motion) and Flexibility (passive range of motion)

This is a staple move at Fitwit and a great mobility drill for healthy hips. But how do you know if you’re training flexibility vs mobility when you perform this exercise? And why does it matter?

A useful way to think of mobility is “flexibility plus strength.” Flexibility is great, and gives us access to more range of motion, but mobility training gives us control over that range of motion. This distinction is important because having adequate mobility (think strength) allows us to move through full ranges of motion and perform all of our movements both in and out of the gym without placing undue stress on our joints and surrounding connective tissue.

Enter the 90/90. You may have enough flexibility to put your legs and body into the correct position, but are you able to “own” the position using all the hip and leg muscles involved in the stretch? Use this drill to test your mobility, and let us know what you think.

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Stronger Together!

It’s painted on our walls in lives deep in our ethos.

If your looking to make your goals happen this year look no further than the person next to you. Having a training partner to keep you accountable, push your limits, or just make sure you show up is a game changer.

Shout out to husband and wife, Molly and Jacob who crush their buddy training once a week!

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Here are two simple exercises to give our necks a little love and movement.

Take a quick screen break away from the forward neck position to get things moving and grooving!

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