2017 Summer Clean Eating Challenge

FitWit Team – I bring you a post from the desk of our Nutrition Coach Maddie:

We are kicking July off with a Summer Clean Eating Challenge!

When it comes to nutrition we sometimes need a jump-start to get out of the “what in the world have I been eating?” rut. We recognize everyone has specific nutritional needs, however, we believe there is an outline that works best for most people – whole real foods. This includes lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, some fruit, healthy fats. There are a plethora of options when it comes to eating real foods. Think of July as an opportunity to learn what foods make you feel yo’ best!

What’s the Challenge?

We will be following the Whole30 Program which focuses on eating real foods…simply put think foods that don’t require a food label… chips vs sweet potatoes, gummy bears vs cherries, spaghetti vs spaghetti squash. The challenge will last for 31 days

Whole30 Program provides many excellent resources on their website to help you stay on track. Be sure to take a look at these:

  1. Program Rules
  2. Whole 30 Shopping List
  3. Meal Planning

If you want even more info to rock this challenge you can check out their website HERE.

How are we keeping track?

Just like in other monthly challenges we are keeping track of our progress/participation. Those who participate will be entered into a raffle. How do you get entered in the the raffle you ask? Track your points…get over 30 point or more by the end of July and you are in! Check out the options below for racking up points:

  • 1 point/day for clean eating according to the Whole30 Program
  • 1 point for each time you eat what Maddie eats. Maddie will provide two recipes a week for you to try out.
  • 1 point for sharing a meal with a fellow FitWitter. This can be a home cooked meal or a clean meal out on the town.
  • 1 point for sharing one of your own recipes to your closed FitWit gym Facebook page (limit 1x/week).
  • 1 point for trying a new vegetable or fruit

Click HERE if you would like to print off a cheat sheet for tracking.

Staying on Track

Let first acknowledge this, we know 30 days can seem like a loooong time without some of your favorite things (the most common complaint is often, “I can’t drink alcohol!?!”). Before you count yourself out and think that what lies ahead would be too impossible for you to accomplish try to put on a different mindset. Think if this a short term, not forever. As mentioned before think of this as an opportunity to experiment to find what foods make you feel awesome and what foods make you feel lousy.

While the goal is to eat clean for 30 days we know life happens. This is why the point system allows you to get points even if there are a few days in there you did not eat completely clean. Last piece of advice this of this as progress not perfection. Don’t let eating one thing that is not on the “list” lead you down a path of destruction. Accept it, move on and make a better choice for your next meal.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and recipes throughout the month to help you stay motivated and be sure to encourage each other along the way!