30:30 Row/Swing & Partner Board – Wednesday, January 25 (O4W)



Power 30s: 2 x 6min Stations 2 min rest b/t stations.

  1. Row 30:30 – :30 second sprint (s/m @ 24-28) followed by :30 active recover (stay around same s/m) with focus on quick arm release and glide back to the catch position.
  2. KB Swings 30 on :30 off stationed right next to erg

14 min Partner Board: One partner starts on the repped exercise while the other performs the hold until the reps are complete. Switch positions & repeat for 5 rounds on each exercise per partner (W-4, B-3). Go in any order as equipment is available.

20 Rope slam/plank hold

10 Push ups/hollow hold on pull-up bars or hollow progression on ground

20 Wall ball with big MB/Hip bridge hold

10 Yellow bar dips/Squat hold