Body and Mind Reboot Challenge 2018

Body and Mind Reboot Challenge Overview

Kick off the new year with our Body and Mind Reboot Challenge challenge! From January 15 to February 25, we will focus on eating real food, building healthy habits, and developing a stronger mindset together.  In this challenge you will be keeping track of points. These points are accumulated based on tasks (eating habits, mindset practices) that you complete on a daily and weekly basis. This challenge is completed individually however everyone is strongly encouraged to have an accountability partner, which will allow you to gain more points! Start your year off strong with a reset of diet, good habits and mindset with the support and encouragement of our challenge director and the entire group of participants.

Sign up here for O4W members.           Sign up here for Kirkwood members.

Save These Dates

  • Optional weigh-in/measurements – Saturday January 13 8a-12p and Saturday February 24 8a-12p. (If you can’t make this window work, contact Maddie (Kirkwood) or Stacy (O4W) to schedule a time.
  • Taste testing with Edesia Meals- Saturday January 13 9:45a-12:00p at Kirkwood
  • Body and Mind Reboot Challenge – January 15 – February 25, 2018
  • Dunk Truck (optional, not required for challenge) available on January 20th at FitWit Kirkwood
  • Healthy Cooking Tips Class, “Sauces and Seasonings Make the Meal” with Michelle Skalka- Thursday January 25 7:30p at Kirkwood

What is Included

  • FitWit Nutrition Resource Guide
  • Whole30 Program Rules
  • Community discussion forum on FaceBook in the Eat Fit Group
  • Healthy Cooking Tips Class, “Sauces and Seasonings Make the Meal” with Michelle Skalka. Learn tips and tricks to make all your healthy eating taste great!
  • Prizes and raffles for individuals with the most points earned, and most weight loss
  • Unlimited support from your challenge director (Maddie Keller) and other participants
  • SIX focused weeks to improve your diet and lifestyle habits!

Challenge Registration Cost: $25

How to Get Started

  1. Read the complete Official Rules right here on this page. Questions:
  2. Download the Body and Mind Reboot Challenge Checklist (to earn and keep track of points)
  3. Download the  Body and Mind Reboot Calendar (to earn and keep track of points)
  4. Introduce yourself in our Facebook forum, Eat Fit.  
  5. Read Whole30 Program Rules (this will be our framework for the challenge) and use the tools and printables there to start planning your meals.   
  6. After you complete registration AND payment, IF you would like to participate in the dunk truck reach out to Rachel at  This is not required for the challenge, you are responsible for setting up your own time for a dunk if you are interested completing the body fat test.
  7.  Be sure to record your weekly points every Monday. You are responsible for keeping track of your points during the challenge. An online point tracker will be sent out via the Eat Fit group every week.

The Body and Mind Reboot Challenge Rules

Please see the Whole30 Program Rules for descriptions of each of the foods to eat and those to avoid during the challenge period. This will serve as our guide book for the challenge. Use these rules to build better habits. For some, these rules create a reset for eating well. For others they represent paying attention to what they are eating for the first time.

Please be sure to download or print the Body and Mind Reboot Challenge Checklist  and Body and Mind Reboot Calendar in order to keep track of your tasks and overall points. The checklist and calendar are designed to help you develop lasting nutrition habits and to encourage you to focus on your mindset to make healthier choices. A healthy mindset can help lead to discipline which leads to lasting change.

Body and Mind Reboot Challenge Weekly Checklist:

Print or download the Body and Mind Reboot Challenge Checklist. The checklist provides a weekly habit you are focusing on.  Each week you will be assigned three tasks related to the weekly habit. If you complete the task then you get the points, if you do not complete the task 100% you DO NOT get the points for that task.

You are responsible for keeping track of your individual points every week and to update your points on the Online Point Tracking Form every Monday.

Body and Mind Reboot Challenge Calendar:

Print or download the Body and Mind Reboot Calendar. To make sustainable change, it is important to build healthy habits one step at a time, one day at a time. The Challenge Calendar is designed to help you gain points on a daily basis by completing small attainable tasks. These tasks may be focused on nutrition or mindset habits.

Every day you have the opportunity to gain one point by eating clean, which means following the Whole30 Rules. There is an additional task everyday that will allow you to gain two more points each day.

We recognize some of the tasks may be difficult to complete on an exact date to do your personal schedule and commitments. As long as the task is completed with in the designated six weeks of the challenge you may count is as complete. For example, on 1/18/18 the task is to have dinner or coffee with a friend, you are allowed to change that to 1/20/18 if that is more convenient. Some tasks are repetitive, for example “get at least 7 hours of sleep” is on the calendar three times. This means you have to complete each of these three times, you cannot count completing the task once to additional dates.

You are responsible for keeping track of your individual points every week for the calendar and to update your points on the Online Point Tracking Form.

Recording Your Progress

This challenge does NOT require you to weigh yourself or take measurements. However, we have found this is very helpful for people to track the progress they have made and can help keep you motivated to continue to practicing the healthy habits and mindset you have practices. We strongly encourage you to take before and after pictures of yourself. This is for you to visually see your progress and can be very helpful to see changes in your body other than weight measurement.

We also encourage you to participate in our before and after weigh in and measurement tracking. This is optional for participants. You may come to the Kirkwood location on January 13th anytime from 8a-12p prior to the challenge for weight and measurements and for after the challenge on Saturday February 24th 8a-12p.

Raffles and Prizes

At the end of each week ALL participants who have accumulated at least 24 points for that week (between the checklist and calendar) will be eligible for a weekly raffle. In order to be entered into the raffle you must enter your weekly points every Monday by 6pm (the first raffle will take place on 1/22).

We will also have a prize for the top three participants at the end of the challenge who have accumulated the most points. This prize will consist of Paleo Sample Pack from Edesia Meals.

For any questions or concerns please contact the challenge director, Maddie Keller at