Friday January 12 – The Fantastic Four + Rowing Relay

Friday: Jan 12th

The Fantastic Four

2 x 8 min Stations.  :45 sec on :15 sec Transition and 30 sec rest after they have gone through all exercises once and 90 sec – 2 min rest b/t stations

Have campers team up in teams of 4. Each team member will start at a different exercise and work for :40 sec. Then they get :20 sec of rest / transition time to move to the next exercise. They will run through stations 2 times before moving to station 2. Set campers up like an assembly line so they can move through the exercises clearly.


Station 1:

Slam balls

Hollow hold

KB Squat Cleans

Jungle Gym Hamstring curls


Station 2:

MB Knees to chest


KB DL High Pulls (should be able to use same weight as the squat cleans)



Finish with a Team Row Relay:

Put 6-8 min on the monitors (depending on how much time you’ll have left) 1 Team member rows at a time and they switch every 250 meters. Team with the most points gets bragging rights on FB or Instagram!