Friday January 6th-2×12 Min EMOM + FitWit Jeopardy

Friday: 1/6 

ROWING  2K Time Trials Only 2 Heats: We will schedule this T,TH,F in order to get everyone a Baseline fresh 2K time for the month leading up to the ERG Sprints on February 4th. The goal is that if you are doing the 2K this day you aren’t doing anything beforehand. On the day you do your 2K test you will jump back into the workout afters.

2x 12 Min EMOM: 2 Min Rest BTWN 

1st Min: 20x KB Swings / 10x KB Swings

2nd Min: :30 Sec Core / :30 Sec Rest


  • Dead Bug
  • Superman
  • Plank


  • Hollow Hold
  • Side Plank Right
  • Side Plank Left

10-15 Min Team Game: FitWit Jeopardy

– We split the gym in two.

– You pick the Rep count level question and category. 1-5 Questions for 5 Categories 5 Question Max.    

– If you get it right you get a point and the other team does the reps. If you get it wrong you do the reps and then other team gets to answer the question.

– Exercises: 1 = Burpee, 2 = Squats, 3 = Push Ups, 4 = Leg lifts, 5 = Squats