Kirkwood Trainer Renell- The Brawn & Brains

Renell White

Age: I’m an actor that can play 25-35. (That’s my answer)

Started FitWit: Aug 2017

Instagram: @Rmichaelwhite


Chances are, you’ve grossly misunderstood and underestimated FitWit Coach, Renell White. It’s okay, you’re not the only one. Renell has been: The chubby boy in a sea of skinny kids. The college student seen for his muscles rather than his mathematical mind.  The graduate student told by his acting professor that he should be on muscle beach instead of on the stage. So, we’re going to play a game called did you know? Did you know that Renell is a vegan? That he’s intrigued by neuroscience, in particular, a new theatrical field that explores how theater enhances our awareness of self and society? Yeah, neither did we! Did you know. . .that Renell did a 3-month stint as a baker (donuts, bread, all the carbs….yeah, he baked them)? That he earned a Master’s in Theater Acting from California Institute of the Arts? Studied Shakespeare and English Lit at Oxford University? That he studied Dance, Art and Russian Theatre history at The Moscow Art Theatre School in Moscow, Russia? Da! That’s Russian for “yes!” Surprising, right? Impressive, no? But you know what? Just like we wouldn’t want to typecast Renell based on what he’s achieved with his body, we don’t want to pigeon-hole him because of what he’s achieved with his mind. Renell isn’t just brawn and he isn’t just brain, he’s the rare combo of both. And because of his warmth, positivity, and encouragement in the gym, we can’t hate him for being so buff or so smart, because he’s also so sweet. And hating someone because they’re awesome is kind of the opposite of awesome, in any case. A few more things you don’t know about Renell? He’s a great listener, likes cooking Asian food at home, and would like to someday ride a horse. Perhaps the most important thing we’re guessing you don’t know: Renell’s mom was a trainer. This is pivotal. Because she not only inspired him to become fit but ultimately influenced his decision to help you become fit, too. And in the loooooong list of things Renell has accomplished, being a trainer at FitWit is tops. It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? The man motivating you, telling you that you can do the seemingly impossible thing regardless of how people think of you or how you think of yourself. . .he’s been there, being doubted by others, doubting himself. So when he says you can do it, know this: he means it.