Live Fit Winner TJ: Be Consistent!


Hi FitWit Nation!

I’m excited to have a great addition to my running that is showing results so quickly.  Every wall ball, squat, kettlebell swing, push up and even jump rope has helped me during my marathon training (regardless of what my faces or grunting may say).  I love seeing changes in the gym and on the road simultaneously.  I still get to gym and hear the explanation of the workout and think, “A real human is supposed to do that?!?!?” By the end of the workout though, I’m thinking, “Well I guess that wasn’t so crazy…ok nope it was crazy but I was in the mix!”

I’m loving how each workout is different (love it even more when burpees are left off the day’s workout too! I haven’t developed the love of the burpeee…does that ever happen?) I’m going to hold out hope since I use to have mountain climbers on the most dreaded list and now I can do them with more speed for a longer period of time.  Maybe there is hope for the love of the burpee to develop.

As for the jump roping… It’s a steady progress towards more singles unbroken. The current record is 11 in a row. Even better I was able to accomplish it 3 times in 1 session with the rope.  I will conquer the jump rope. Some may laugh at the inability to jump rope, but I’m going to just take it one turn at a time.  The double under is the holy grail for me right now.  It may take the whole year but I need something to focus on after my Marathon. I will be getting a rope as part of my post marathon training!

Once my body adjusted to the increased in weight lifting and number of workout, it is really on board!  I know that being consistent was the key!!! I like to tell my participants at Atlanta Track Club In-training programs that giving yourself time to adjust is one of the keys to starting a new regime.  I had to remind myself of that on those Tuesday night when I’ve had a speed training session, work all day and then another workout.  Here’s the best part about those Tuesdays, I’ve never regretted a single time showing up and fighting the good fight! #beconsistent

I said 2017 is the year of being uncomfortable and I’m embracing it.  Well, thanks FitWit trainers for continuously showing my Instagram followers that we get stronger #onerepatatime (@tjtellsit).  I’m looking forward to continuing a great year of getting stronger, faster, and making new friends!

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