Monday April 3 – 10-Min Strength + 4 x 5 min EMOMs

Week 1:

Newbie Day 1

Teach bracing and record plank (2 Min Max)

Teach Hollow Hold and check progression level.

Teach Pushup, Squat, TRX Row

Teach jump rope efficiency and introduce double unders


Baseline Assessment Workout:

Mailbox Run (jump rope sub, if needed)

2 x [10 Pushups, 10 TRX Rows, 20 Squats]

Mailbox Run (jump rope sub, if needed)


Vets – 12 Weeks Strength Development – 10 Min Max Reps 2KB Front Squat or 2KB Shoulder Press: 2x/week for the next 12 weeks will start with 10 min of Max Reps for one of our main strength lifts. Campers will pick either squat or press.  Campers will pick their KBs and approach the next 10 minutes working on volume for max unbroken reps for their chosen lift. 5 sets of max reps. Sets to begin every 2 minutes.

Campers will record their total volume each week on the whiteboard by the KBs. Once campers can confidently and comfortably hit 10 or more reps in a set with current weight, move up in weight. Mobility to be performed during rest periods:

Press: 10 PVC Pass Throughs or Wall Angels

Squats: 10 Froggers, :30 Pigeon/side, or :30 Quad Hip Flexor Stretch/side  

Finish with EMOM 4 x 5 min station – 1 min rest/transition between stations

Every minute on the minute, perform the prescribed # of reps of each exercise, rest the remainder of the minute:

  • 12 Wall ball + 10 situps

  • 12 Barrier Jumps (over and back = 1) + bear crawl (width of gym – out and back)

  • 12 Jungle Gym Squat Jumps + 10 Jungle Gym Rows (W – 8, B – 6)

  • 12 Star Crunches (total) + 10 Side Plank Touches (per side)