Motivation will die.

As we start planning for big things to come in 2018, I encourage you to think about this one key idea: Inspiration will fade. Motivation will die. And when this happens, your key to success will be discipline.

We find inspiration in many things – a personal triumph story, that one song that gets us pumped up, a rando internet meme with a fitness model saying, “Sweat is just fat crying” or when we simply see January 1 on the calendar, prompting us to start fresh.

But, when the song is over, when the memes become annoying and when the shiny new-year excitement is replaced by a cold, rainy mid-February Tuesday, what are we left with?

That’s where discipline can take us to where we want to go. Discipline to go to bed early to make the early-bird time slots. Discipline to pass on the doughnut. Discipline to actually do the rehab exercises to come back from injury. Discipline to put on the workout clothes and simply show up, especially when we don’t want to.

When we’re disciplined, we develop habits. And these small, daily habits add up to big change over time. And that, my FitWit fans, is the big secret.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking much more on this topic, and sharing some words from our most successful and consistent members to help us take tangible steps to more discipline in our lives. Here’s what 5 amer, Derek, has to say:

I think some people need to come to realize that being the best healthy and fit version of yourself is not something you buy (ie do for 6 week course before your wedding/beach time or go on crash diet). It’s something you do… something you work on continuously. There is no “done.” That’s a mind shift for some.

I also like the focus on discipline (coincidentally a topic of late in our own household) as discipline removes the need to continuously make decisions whether it’s to floss every night, put your toys away or show up to fitwit class! It’s already been decided and just become a matter of continued execution.

Stay tuned for more wise words from your peers, as we collectively lean on each other to become more disciplined in fitness and in life!