O4W Friday 1/11 – Hang Man

Community Coffee is today so we will cap the time at 25 min!


HANG!!! Man!!!


Partner up and work your way down the different hangs and crawls

Crawler will be the time keeper and we are going the length of the gym



P1: Bear Crawl

P2: Active Bar Hang



P1: Broad Jumps

P2: Supinated Bar Hang



P1: Cat Crawls

P2: Switch Grip Bar Hang (Switch half way)



P1: Duck walk

P2: Wide Grip Bar Hang


Then: You and your partner will Amrap through the following exercises in a leapfrog fashion


10 Racked KB Lunges (total)

10 KB Thrusters  

10 Down Dog Toe Touches (total)

10 Ninjas

10 1 KB Goblet Front Raises  

10 1 KB Bent Over Row (Total)