Partner Pentathlon – Friday, March 24 (O4W)



Partner Pentathlon

Campers pair up and attempt to complete each event as fast as possible with one partner working at a time (6 min. time limit for each event). Teams will record their times from each event on the big white boards (or 6 min & reps completed) – team with the lowest total time after 5 events is the winner.

1. Complete 75 Dips (use boxes for lager group’s 10max/person)/ 75 push-ups (10 max/person)
2. Complete 100 band curls and 100 sit-ups (10 Max/person)
3. Complete 75 Burpees. (5 max/person)
4. Complete 200 Double Unders (25 rep max. each person/doubles) Double sub is Red: MB jumps – hold a MB at your chest & do DU jumps, White: PVC OH jumps, Blue: DU jumps no equipment
5. 100 mtn jack and 100 mtn climbers/leg (20 max/person each exercise )