Saturday January 5th – HIIT

Saturday: 1/5

HIIT Hop, the HIITY, the HIITY to the HIIT HIIT Hop You Don’t Stop!

3 x 9-min Stations

:30 sec each movement / 4 movements to get through for 4 rounds / quick :15 rest after every 2 min RND = 9 min of work / 90 second rest between stations

MB Station

MB Toe Touches

MB Situp and Press

MB Toe Taps

Wall Balls or MB Thruster

:15 sec rest


Yellow Bar Station



Push Ups

Knee tuck to extension (Blue take extension away)

:15 sec rest

Body weight

Squat shuffle (from squat position step to the right, half way through switch directions)

Leg lifts (with heel to sky raise at top)

Star Jumps

Grasshoppers (knee to opposite elbow from high plank position)

:15 sec rest


Finish with Extended Stretch