The Kirk Workouts for The Week of 10/23-10/28

Monday:  10/23

New Assessed B: Re-Test 9/26

“The Hateful Eight” – 8 Minute Time Cap

5 Sets of Each

10x 2KB Thrusters R:(40+/30+) W:(35+/25+) B:(25+/15+)   

8x Pull Ups / Yellow Bar Rows

R: Pull Ups M(8/4) W: Yellow Bar Rows B: Yellow Bar Rows


2-3 Minutes to Recover:

18 Minute AMRAP:

  • 12x (Total 6 / Side) 2KB Walking Lunge R:(53+/45+) W:(40+/35+) B:(30+/20+)  
  • 6x (each side) T Push-ups B: Regular Push Ups…
  • 8x 2KB Deadlift R:(88+/60+),W:(60+/50+),B:(40+/30+)    
  • 4x (Each Side) TRX Grapplers  B: TRX Chest Press + TRX SA Row [4x Each]


Tuesday: 10/24

Stations: Ropes & Running 3×4 min RNDS

–  Resting :90 – 2 mins btwn RNDS

– Half the group on Ropes and Exercise

– Half the group Running 600M loop resting until 4 mins is up

* Rope station: Partner up 4 mins continuously running clock switching every :20/:10×4 (2 Min total at each)


* Rnd 1: Alt Waves & MB OH Step Back Lunge

* Rnd 2: In & Out Waves & Med Ball Sit Up Double Press

* Rnd 3: Side to Side Waves & Kneeling Med Ball Halos




Wednesday: 10/25  


Each station will last 6 min with a 1 min rest after each station. The station will be split into 3 min of strength, 2 min of cardio, and 1 min of core, switching from each exercise with no rest between. The goal is to be able to get 3 rounds in of the strength exercise each 3 min piece.

  1. 20x KB Swings / rest repeat-> Jump Rope -> Hollow Hold
  2. 10x Waiter Squats/Each Side / rest repeat -> Bear crawl / Crab Walk -> Side Plank Hold Right
  3. 10x KB Row/Each Side / rest repeat -> Med Ball Toe Taps / Med Ball MTN Climbers -> Superman Hold
  4. 10x 2KB Push Press / rest repeat -> White Mailbox Run -> Side Plank Hold Left


Thursday:  10/26

5 Minute Mobility: Week 1-4: Stability/Mobility – Coach Talks Through Movement

Upper Body – 3 x (Each Side) PVC Push Pull – 10x PVC Pass Throughs.

New Strength: Next 12 Weeks 12 Minute EMOM – WEEK 6

Partner 1 Goes on 1st Minute

Partner 2 Goes on 2nd Minute

Rest While Partner is Going

5x-8x Reps  2KB Floor Press


Followed By: Ready Player 1: 18 Minutes – Team of 4 Most Meters Wins!

Player 1: ERG

Player 2: Sled Push Down Relay: Alternate BTWN Teams push down next man pushes back.

Player 3: Runner 300M (2nd White Mailbox on Clifford)

Player 4: TRX Hamstring Curls

  • All members must meet at the Team’s ERG with hands on Screen before they go to next move.


Friday: 10/27

1 Mile Assessed Run Big Loop: Reverse Loop

  • Start at The Light Post near FitWit Parking Lot entrance near Clifford in Front of GYM
  • Down College
  • Left  on Rockyford
  • Left on Wisteria
  • Left on Leland
  • Left on Park
  • Left on College
  • Finish at The Light Post near Sisson on the entrance in FitWit Parking Lot


Non Runners: 2K Row or Air Mill Bike Test: 1 Min Workout Protocol


Air Mill Bike Test: 1 Min Workout Protocol

2 Min Warm Up

:20 Seconds 10+ Intensity  = All Out

2 Min Warm Up

:20 Seconds 10+ Intensity  = All Out

2 Min Warm Up           

:20 Seconds 10+ Intensity = All Out

3 Min Cool Down


“Ten Cent Pistol ”: 15-20 Min AMRAP

  • 8x Dips
  • 6x Pistol Squats (Each Leg) – Progression on Bench or 10x TRX Pistol (Each Leg)  
  • 4x Suitcase Carry: SC(50+/70+)
  • Back Parking Lot Loop


Cool Down: Partner Hamstring PNF



Saturday 10/28  


Dish Dive Run

10x Single Leg Glute Bridge (each side)

20x KB Swings

10x Sumo Inchworm Pushups

10x TRX Low Row (B: TRX Row)

10x Broad Jumps

Cardio Core Blaster: 30 Secs/exercise, rest 1 minute and repeat x3, total 15 minutes

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Jacks

Spriters (R)

Sprinters (L)


High Plank Hold

Plank Leg Lifts