Thursday August 10 – Descent the Strength Ladder + 10-Min Blaster

Descend the Strength Ladder (20-min) – working with a partner in an I go you go fashion where one works while the other rests/spots. Start light on the first set and move up in weight every set.  

10 – 8 – 6 – 4

– 2KB Strict Shoulder Press  

– 2KB Racked Lunge (reps are per leg)

– 2KB Floor press

– 2KB Suitcase or Sumo Deadlift

Finish with 10-min bodyweight blaster:

2 min max to finish each of the exercises. If they hit the req’d reps or the 2 min time limit, whichever comes first, they move to the next exercise.

Run 2 parking lot laps

75 D.U. OR 150 Singles

50 Situps 

50 Wall Ball

30 Burpees