Thursday February 15 – The Heartbreaker + KB Carry & Core

Thursday: 2/15

The Heartbreaker

4 RNDS [B – 3 RNDS] (25-min time cap)

20 Bent over KB row (10/arm) (R: 55+/40+) (W: 45+/30+) (B: 35+/20+)

20 Dips

20 Med ball Knees to chest  (Big MB in the back room)

20 Barrier jumps (over and back is one)

20 meters Walking Lunges

Run a parking lot lap


Early finishers: Carry and Core

Going out and back the width of the gym, switching arms halfway. They are aiming to use the same KB as their bent over row KB.

1 KB Racked Carry (down and back width of the gym, switch arms half way)

1 KB OH Carry

10 Moving Deadbugs (5/side)

10 Side plank hip dips (each side)

Repeat for remaining time