Thursday June 7th – 3 x 10 Min. Partner Stations

Thursday:  6/7

3 x 10 Min. Partner Stations, :90 rest between stations

STATION 1:  Partner E2MOM Bike Sprints (Need all 4 bikes)

  • Switch with partner every minute:  Partner 1 goes on minute 1, Partner 2 goes on minute 2, Partner 1 goes on min. 3, Partner 2 goes on min. 4, etc. (each partner gets total of 5 rounds on the bike)
  • R:15/12 Cals, W:12/10 Cals, B:10/8 Cals
  • Resting Partner:  Pull-Ups – 3 dead hang or 6 TRX pull-ups

STATION 2:  Partner E2MOM Erg Sprints (Need 4 ergs)

  • Switch with partner every minute (again, each partner gets total of 4 times on the erg)
  • R: 275/250m, W: 250/225m, B: 225/200m
  • Resting Partner:  Push-Ups R: 12, W: 10, B: TRX Chest Press 8

STATION 3:  Partner E2MOM Running Sprints

  • Switch with partner every minute (each partner does total of 5 sprints)
  • R:  Stop sign 2nd Black Mailbox W: Stop sign to 1st while mailbox and back
  • B: Stop sign to 1st black mailbox and back
  • Non Runners Do KB Swings for 1 Minute: Goal is 30x Per Minute
  • Resting Partner:  REST


STATION 1:  15 min. 3-Man Bike EMOM

  • P1: bike for cals  R:20/15 W:15/12 B: 12/10.  Rest remainder of minute

           P2: push-ups: Rx15 Wx12 Bx10 TRX Chest Press.  Rest remainder of minute

           P3: REST

  • Rotate towards bike every minute on the minute x 15 min.  Each partner will go 5x on the bike.

STATION 2:  16 min. 2-man ERG E2MOM

  • MIN 1:  P1 rows 1:30.  P2: pull-ups – 3 x dead hang or 6 x TRX.  :30 sec to transition after P1 is done rowing.
  • MIN 2:  P2 rows 1:30, P1:  pull-ups
  • Continue to switch every 2 min.  Each partner gets 4 turns on the erg.