Thursday November 16 – Skatepark AMRAP

Thursday: 11/16

THREE Team Week Points: Attendance, Crawl Relay, MB Throw for Distance


20-Min Skatepark AMRAP (outdoor workout)

Complete suicide sprints between the cones

6x 8-Count Burpees

12x Bench Jumps (sub 12 lateral step ups per leg)

12x Incline or Decline Pushups

12x Lemon Squeezes


Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

-Crawl Relay (4-min): All team members working at the same time to complete 60 squats per person where teammates can pick up extra reps for each other. With remaining time, bear crawl for distance.

-MB Throw for distance – Every member of the team must throw the 15 lb. ball once.  Team getting the farthest distance after all throws wins the point. Throw in any fashion down the field.