Thursday October 12 – Partner Strength + Three Quarter Gasser

8-min Partner Strength

Each partner pairing will choose ONE KB lift. Both partners will complete 5 sets.

2KB Racked Step Back or Walking Lunges (3-5 per leg)


2KB Deadlifts (5-8 reps)

With any remaining time on the 8-min clock, pullup practice – max reps, rest, repeat (if using a band, band size should allow you to perform 4-8 reps per set. Partners will help each other get in and out of bands)

Then, jog to the O4W Skatepark for –

Three Quarter Gasser

Every 2-Min on the Minute [E2MOM]:

25 yd sprint out to cone #1 and back

50 yd sprint out to cone #2 and back

Rest remainder of 2-Min

Repeat for 6 – 8 RNDS (as time allows)


Goal sprint times:

R – 30-40 sec

W – 40-50 sec

B – 50+ sec


Erg sprints for non-runners:

8-10 RNDS x (R – 250 m, W – 225 m, B – 200 m) every 2 Min on the Min (the rest period can be a light row or they can come completely off the machine)