Thursday September 27th – Sprint Conditioning Assessments + AMRAP

Thursday:  9/27

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

  • Kneeling Hip C.A.R.s  3x (Each Side)
  • Kneeling Abducted Leg Lifts 3×5 Second Holds (Each Side)  

Sprint Conditioning Assessments: – Campers Choice – Pick one, you test the other the following week.

  • Spend 1-2 Minutes letting members Bike or Row at easy pace to get warm on Machine. 
  • 10 Minute Max for Entire Class: Rest when done until on done or until your turn.
  • 1 Minute Airbike Max Cals (Set Timer. Record Cal Scores)
  • 2 Minute ERG Max Meters (Set Timer. Record Meter Scores)

Finish With: 15-20 Min AMRAP

  • 10x (Total 5/Side) Lateral Box Shuffle or Step Ups
  • 8x 2KB Heavy Suitcase Deadlifts R:(70+/50+)W:(45+/40+)B:(35+/30+)
  • 6x Pull Ups W: Band Assisted Pull Ups B: TRX Pull Ups/Rows
  • 4 Touches (Total) Down & Back Mixed Carry: Suitcase(50+/70+) Overhead(30+/40+)