Wednesday June 7 – RowX

Groups of 3 with 1 person rowing, 1 person doing single/double jump rope AMRAP, 1 person doing jungle gym AMRAP.  30s transition/rest between stations.

Rowing: Focus is on stroke rate. Start rowing at a high stroke rate (26–30 SPM) and pay attention to your 500m pace. Every minute, reduce SPM by two while trying to keep the same pace.

Pace/speed is not about how fast they can move their bodies on the machine but their ability to apply force on the machine.

Round 1. 4 minute piece

Round 2. 3 minute piece

Round 3. 2 minute piece


Jump Rope AMRAP:

8 Plank Leg Lifts (per side)

8 Superman

40 Singles/20 Doubles (count attempts to encourage practice)


Jungle Gym AMRAP: 

8 Squat Jumps

8 Rows 

8 Kneeling Ab Roll Outs