Who are YOU?

Legendary poet rock stars, The Who, ask us, Whooooooo are you? Who, Who, Who, Who? Go ahead, take a moment to sing it.

When it comes to FitWit, the answer to this question has everything to do with your success level in the gym.

In the two profiles below – Goofus or Gallant (remember these guys from Highlights, right?) – you may find that you possess characteristics in both lists, and in some instances, it probably varies based on the weather, your kids, the day’s workout or whether you finished the whole bottle of wine last night. The point is that sometimes we need to be reminded exactly what a solid success profile looks like so that we can develop the daily habits (disciplines) which will then slowly change the type of people we are.


  • Shows up, even on days when you don’t want to . . . especially on those days you don’t want to.
  • Receives coaching well. Nods, asks questions, shows signs of intelligent life.
  • Arrives on time, getting the full benefit of warm-up, mobility work and witty coaching banter.
  • Works to the best of abilities, whatever that may be on that day.
  • Encourages others.
  • Makes time for self-improvement – stretching on off-days, doing cash-outs, monthly challenges.


  • Shows up late, misses the warm-up and sometimes the entire workout explanation so when the coach says, “Ok, any questions about what I just went over on the board?” this person says, “Uh, yes. What are we doing?”
  • Drives the wrong way in the parking lot. 🙂
  • Receives coaching with a scowl, kicks the crate, utters “I’m good. Just leave me alone.” when a coach tries to help.
  • Thinks mobility is something we do just to waste time until we get to the good stuff.
  • Plays Choose Your Own Adventure with the workout by completely ignoring the correct exercises, weight suggestions or modifications.
  • Funnels all FitWit emails into TRASH folder.

Again, we all may have some Goofus moments, right? But, to perpetually live in Goofus land really limits your success.

Case in point – This week, we got an email from Katie H. about how she tore her shoulder labrum and biceps while playing tennis recently, and it’s going to suck for a while as she recovers from surgery. But, I was struck not only by how tough she is, but by her attitude. She didn’t sulk or pout or blame the universe. Her email was about her positive outlook, how she plans to continue FitWit (with some mods) and how thankful she is that it wasn’t worse. How’s that for the right attitude? And because of that, I guarantee she recovers at a quicker pace.